From Pinto Basto Transitos, Mr. Vitor Sanches, dated Sep 30, 2002

Dear Daniel,
I would like to thank you again, as well as all CCA team, the fantastic
meeting you have been able to organize, coordinate and realize.
Everything was perfect and you have been able to make everybody feel like if
they were home, what is an outstanding goal when I think about myself and
not liking to be very far from my family.
As I promised to you I think that is an honour that we could start
developping a true friendship, exchanging ideas and concepts that seem to be
so different in cultural terms but so near in values and beliefs. And I
agree that should be built step by step achieving real understanding and
sharing ideas about all the issues that concern both countries, people and
businesses. As part of a global mankind we should be able to agree on our
differences and on our similarities and try to fix what separates our
different cultures and maximize what really aproximates our mind and our
perspective of the world we want to leave to our children.
Sometimes everything relates to communication and the way our minds need to
be open to new ideas and new concepts. Mine is already prepared for this
challenge and it is a real new task to exchange experiences and promote real
This intends to be only the first of multiplous exchanges of ideas and I
look forward to promote this new way of communication (e-mail) in order to
achieve it.
Kind regards and thanks again.
Vitor Sanches
Director Geral
Pinto Basto Transitos

From Net International , Mr. Jun Nakajima & Mr. Kaoru Myose,
dated Sep 27, 2002

to: Mr. Daniel Wong President CCA
to: Mr. Stephan Haltmayer Vice President CCA
to: Mr. Christos Spyrou Vice President CCA

from: Jun Nakajima / Kaoru Myose Net International

Sept. 27, 2002

Re: CCA conference 2002

We arrived at Narita airport just on time yesterday.
Thanks you very much for everything.
I belive all of you are very tired now.
As to CCA conference, thanks to your efforts, we had more meetings
than we had expected thus wishing this might be a big chance to expand
the business in China just as planned.

Thanks you again for your cooperation and we wish you and all members
success and business expanssion.

Best regards
Jun Nakajima & Kaoru Myose

From Albatros Middle East Ltd., Mr. Hindele Salim, dated Sep 29, 2002

Dear Daniel , Michelle , Cecilia ,

I would like to take the opportunity and express my deep appreciation and
thanks for the great conference that we took part of and wish all of us all the best , luck and success .

See you in next year conference .

Thanks and Best Regards ,

Hindele Salim.
Albatros Middle East Ltd.