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The spirit of being a CCA member

At the year of 2010, again our CCA family met at the fantastic Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou for the 9th CCA Conference. We hold the 9th CCA conference with the theme of "The spirit of being a CCA member", which indicated the spirit of Initiative, Solidarity, Harmony and Cooperation.

Opening Ceremony

More than ten new members from different locations of the world joined the CCA family this year. From Sep 11 to Sep 14, 2010, members took the great opportunities to build better relationship for the further cooperation with each other by the successful one to one meetings. Herein we bring China to the World and the World to China based on the excellent CCA network organization.

Opening Ceremony

Gala Dinner One-to-One Meetings

As usual, our president Mr. Daniel Wong gave a short speech at the opening ceremony and then especially we gave the stage to the new CCA members, to listen to their introduction of their company history and the transporting advantages from their location. This year the CCA network map adds the plates of South Africa, United Arab Emirates and also Xi'an city from China etc. Up till now, our network covers the main ports in some 44 countries. We are glowing stronger and firmer.

Five-minute Presentation Five-minute Presentation

After the wonderful presentations of the new members, some of the old members also gave their speeches to apply their wise suggestions to or share their experience with all participants. Mr. Benjamin Min, the Managing Director of Ranur logistics/Brazil, shared his experience in making business in the South America market;Mr. Craig Abbott from Tri-Star International Ltd./ New Zealand especially made the speech to point out that "Building true partnerships has been the core purpose of CCA & this has been the only sure way of building business together" , a valuable notion that is relationship must come before business. Mr. Craig Abbott afforded the lessons that best business relationships had taken time to develop and undoubtedly there must be more strength in such partnerships than those relationships which were formed by the wrong intentions for chasing the quick and biggest benefit. We appreciate Mr. Craig Abbott's precious concept which is appropriately concerning the theme of the 9th CCA conference, to remind us all "The spirit of being a CCA member" - Initiative, Solidarity, Harmony and Cooperation; and also remind us never forget that "Building true partnerships has been the core purpose of CCA & this has been the only sure way of building business together".

Mr. Benjamin Min (MD of Ranur) Mr. Craig Abbott (GM of Tri-Star)

In the end, we want to say thank you to all CCA members who are growing with CCA through the good and lean years; to thank for all of their efforts and intelligent ideas for the development of our wonderful network. We will be here at this moment of the next and next year. Join CCA to win, because we are the group of initiative,solidarity, harmony and cooperation, we own the most precious thing in the world, that is the spirit of being a CCA member.

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