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How can we do more business together in the CCA family?

In mid-September 2013, CCA held its 12th Annual Conference successfully in Dalian,China. Dalian is one of the 14 coastal open cities in China and is well known as a name of “North Pearl”. It is also an international logistics and shipping center in Northeast Asia. Further more, Dalian is a regional financial center, an opening window of northeast China and plays a pivotal role in the logistics industry.

Group Picture

This year, we had tried to have more open discussion and interactive sessions during the conference to increase interaction among members and also to hear voices from members on how to make better use of the CCA platform.

At the opening ceremony, after a brief speech made by the President Mr. Daniel Wong, the Open Forum started. There were twelve member representatives made speeches around the topic "How can we do more business together in the CCA family?”

Opening Ceremony & Open Forum

Mr. Craig Abbott, General Manager of Tri-Star International Ltd. which is one of the founder members of the CCA, shared his experience with the network over 12 years and also his thought about “the Value & Responsibility of CCA membership”. He pointed out that “if we can all consider how best to become a better member of this network then it will have a long & successful future.”

Mr. Jordi Lorente, the representative from Universal Global Logistics, another one of the founder members of the CCA, made a unique view of “Value to get business” – “Being part of a network is a unique chance to dive into these markets and to diversify the company portfolio”

Mr. Andrea Butta put forward that “Beyond differences: cultural understanding for a long term and sustainable business”; Mr. Martin Zhao also pointed out that “Trust and try leads you to success”; Mr. John Beck raised “What trained people can bring back to the company” and proposed training courses in his company.

One-to-One Meetings & Workshops

In the following three days, besides the One-to-One meetings, we have set up eight round tables for workshops. Every workshop has a theme such as: "Choosing and Focusing through low cost strategy and differentiation strategy "; "New Brazilian Customs Regulation IN-1356 "; "Dalian BLP(boned logistics port) Function Introduction -VMI & Repair/Return" etc. Members can join any group to express their ideas at their free schedule. We are glad to see that all of these get an enthusiastic response from our members.

CCA is continually committed to build and develop a wide range of cooperation platform with high efficiency for its members. Every step of development is inseparable from members’ strong support. Every successful conference depends on the joint efforts of our members and also the devotion of the organizer.

Golf Tournament
Gala Dinner Sightseeing Tour

The 12th CCA Annual Conference has come to an end. Once again, We thank all members’ collaboration and support. We look forward to next year’s gathering.

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