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The 11th CCA Annual Conference was held in Shanghai successfully in September 2012. Last year, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of CCA in Shanghai too. We chose the same place, at the autumn of 2012, the season of harvest, to hold the 11th CCA Conference as we hope to get a flying start there for the CCA’s next decade.

Group Picture

"CHANGE" was the key word for this conference. We not only made change to the set-up of the meeting, but also to the session of the conference. At the opening ceremony, for the sake of creating closer atmosphere for active interaction among members, we tried to change the seating arrangement from classroom style to U-Shap style; Except the normal sessions such as President’s address, new member’s presentation and special speech etc., we also added a session of Open Forum to give members an opportunity to express their thought interactively.

Opening Ceremony Open Forum

New Member’s Presentation New Member’s Presentation

Gala Dinner Mr. Zhao Yang, Mr. Benjamin Min and Mr. Martin Zhao
(left to right) – Founder members and Mediators

"WORKING AS ONE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL" was the theme of the Conference. It's a simple and easy understand old saying. Our president Mr. Daniel Wong encouraged all members to contribute their best and unit together as one party because he firmly believed that at the end of the day, everybody would be benefited. He also addressed that being member of CCA, they were not alone any more as they had brothers and sisters working as their partners all over the world. We are the family.

The three-day’s "ONE TO ONE MEETING" provided members sufficient time to review the trading result of the pass year and set plan for the coming year jointly. After this 3-day’s bilateral meetings, the new and old members have made acquaintance with each other, and members from different countries/areas reached agreements at the short meeting efficiently. The three-day meeting made good achievement as we anticipated.

One-to-One Meeting One-to-One Meeting

Working as One for the Benefit of All Sightseeing Tour

To reduce members working pressure, CCA sponsored a half-day Sightseeing tour. Members visited the ancient town Zhujiajiao and the Tianzifang community. These two landmarks of Shanghai witness the signs of ages and the development of Shanghai, just like we are convinced that time will tell another successful decade for CCA.

To our great joy, we received feedback from our members in which showing their gratitude and benefit that they have gained from the whole 11th CCA Annual Conference; they also indicated their great expectation to CCA’s future development. All of these increase our confidence and we are thankful for the great effort of all CCA members too.

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