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Mutual effort, mutual contribution, mutual benefits and mutual fun

Dear members, Dear Friends,

This is a milestone in the CCA history. 
Today we come to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CCA! 
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to
those people who have given their gracious support to CCA.

First of all, I would like to thank all of YOU! 
Without members and people like yourselves, there would be no CCA. 
I thank you for joining CCA.I thank you because of your positive contribution.
Some of you contribute shipments while some contribute services.
Together these constructive contribution and sincere cooperation
have made business successful and kept us together.

Yes, we believe coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is a progress and
Working together is a success.

Thank you for everybody's effort to "bring the China to the world and the World to China."
Without you, none of this would be possible. There will be no CCA.
Thank you very much!

In one of the emails about the sponsorship Mr. Martin Zhao of Topline Express sent to us,
he stated "I take it as part of my family's event,"
Martin considers CCA as his family. This is something we love to see.
Yes, he's right. CCA is our family.

My dear friend, why are we here today?
The prime reason is we are here for business, for good business.

Chinese believe to do good business, you need , ,
Meaning if you wish to do good business,
you need to do it at the right time
in the right place 地利  and with the right people .  

Everyday is the right time, any country with a CCA member there
is the right place and every CCA member is the right people.
Therefore, with CCA, you have everything ready for you to do good business.

Yet, we have to remember this theory can only become a reality if we have the right attitude.
The right attitude in doing business is to be reciprocal and respectful.
Be willing to give and take.

My dear friend, please remember, it's important to share
the fruitful result with your partner not just keep it for yourself.
Let's share mutual benefits and mutual fun through our mutual effort and mutual contribution.

Allow me to wish you good health, good family and good business.

God bless you. 

Daniel Wong
China Cargo Alliance Co. Ltd.

Amazing time in Shanghai (Sep 19 – Sep 22, 2011)

Group Picture

Opening Ceremony

CCA President - Mr. Daniel Wong Chairperson of the conference
– Ms. Cecilia Yao

Founder Member – Mr. Zhao Yang
of Sinotrans Mingzhou
Founder Member – Mr. George Ma
of Seajet

Founder Member – Mr. Esa Heikkinen
of Oy Transsphere
CCA Senior Advisor –Mr. Tony Amado

One-to-One Meeting One-to-One Meeting

Mr. Daniel Wong & Mr. Martin Zhao
toast to all members
Gala Dinner – The Night of

Exchange Gifts Exchange Gifts

Lucky Draw Lucky Draw

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary Celebrating the 10th Anniversary

Night Tour - Exploring the night piece
of Shanghai
Night Tour - Exploring the night piece
of Shanghai

Night Tour - Exploring the night piece
of Shanghai
Yang Shan Port Tour

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