Dear Cecilia,

I hope you have a good stay in Beijing and nice trip back to Shantou .

It was really our pleasure to have met you folks in Beijing and the wonderful members of CCA during this conference.

Though it is our 1st year attending the CCA conference in Beijing , I felt the ambience and strong leadership within the alliance and good participation by all members.

Obviously, the biggest contributors and participants are the organising committee and you folks deserved our appreciation and I'm happy to be a member for CCA.

I hope being a member within the CCA alliance, my team will do our utmost in terms of bilateral interest and business development with all members of CCA from this very moment.

Last but not least, let me thank you all and all members of the CCA for the good spirits and contribution towards the success of this alliance and for many years to come. I look forward to meeting you again soon.

Warmest Regards & Season's Greetings'

Alan Lee

Dear Sir and friend Daniel,

I have safely returned home and hope also you are back and look forward to a more quiet weekend after the great workload connected with the 3rd CCA Conference.

Thank you for your hospitality and a special thank you also to your assistant Miss Cecilia.

It was a great, memorale event, a new experience with a wealth of new contacts. May the success through friendship and trust soon become visible.

I plan some trips next year to china and look forward seeing you soon again.

Of greatest importance for our planing would be to know soonest details about the next conference, not so much the place (we are flexible) but the dates (busy as things are, timewise we are not flexible)

Wishing you all the best and thanking you for your friendship and trust, I remain

Yours sincerely

Urs Hebeisen


I have safely arrived home. Everything was OK flying back to Warsaw .

Once again I would like to thank you for an excellent Conference. Perfectly
done - gear job. Congratulations to you and to Cecilia.

I do believe that all the meetings will result a profitable and fruitful cooperation between us and most of CCA members.

Hope to see you before long,

Best regards,
Marek Grzegorzewski

Just a note of thanks on behalf of Topline Express Logistics for a great conference! We thoroughly enjoyed the event: well-organized, great atmosphere. We came away with a wealth of new contacts and many potentialities for future cooperation. Time now to get down to work and concretely follow up on those leads!

Once more, congratulations on putting together such a successful conference. We're looking forward for the next one.

Best regards,

Martin, Isabelle & Coco

Dear Daniel & Cecilia,

I would like to thank you for this years CCA conference! I think that this year it was better and stronger than ever, hopefully we will be even stronger and better next year!

Mean while smoke a BIG cigar and have a glass of beer and relax because next year is coming sooner than you think.

Best regards and special thanks to beautiful Cecilia who is always so helpful to us.

Thank you & Hope to see you soon,


Dear Daniel,

Ref to yr email and many thanks for yr kind words and we both have a very good feeling abt participating this conference. Shall be more than glad to attend the next conference again.

Martin and me want to thank you and Cecilia and all the other board members for all the good work you have done for all the members to make this meeting a big success. In particular want to thank Cecilia and also you to take very good care of me abt my food problem and have to make you both compliment because everything was very good arranged.

The short personal meeting Martin and me had with you on the wednesday was really very good. Learned a lot of yr wise words and also you gave us very important information and informal advices and that will certainly help us in the future.

Again it was a pleasure to meet you and all others and looking forward to meet soon again.

If you have any intention to travel to Europe we should like to invite you for visiting us and shall take care of you.

Warm regards.
Martin Pluis and Joost Dortweg